foto 3Torreon is a small city that was apparently built in the middle of nowhere. Don't let the calm atmosphere of this place fool you though: this city was an important place during the Mexican revolution. Many houses near the downtown area still maintain their original facades from those times. Located in the northern part of Mexico, the city of Torreon is connected by a bridge and a boulevard with several important states and cities (Gomez Palacio and Lerdo in the state of Durango and the city of Saltillo in the northern state of Coahuila near the American border) forming a very important industrial area in Mexico known as "La Comarca Lagunera". People are very aware that some of the most remarkable industries and universities in Mexico are also located in these areas.

If you like hiking in the desert or camping, this is the right place for you. You can explore interesting places like the mystical Zona del Silencio (Silence Zone) a place that is known as such because it was discovered that large amounts of energy and magnetism is concentrated here. It's a placemake think about the beginnings of life due to the many fossils, minerals, cactus, and all kinds of objects commonly found in this desert. This is due to the fact that the Sea of Thetis actually sat upon this site. Also in the Silent Zone, there are areas with great meteorite craters, as well as species native to this land. Some unique animals can be found here such as desert turtles and many unique reptiles that cannot be found any where else in the world.

foto 1Torreon (and the nearby city of Saltillo) has over 40% of all the country's dairy industry. The textile and livestock industry are two of the other main activities here. Locals and visitors can watch and support the local soccer team at the Corona Stadium. On the weekends, people can enjoy eating gorditas (lard and cornmeal patties with usually pork sausage mixed in), milk candies or ice cream at the markets and stores. Come to Torreon and find out more about this interesting place.

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